Monday, May 9, 2011

Do You Have Any Metaphysical Baggage?

Most, if not all, religions carry around some form of metaphysical baggage. Metaphysical baggage is a “technical term” I use for all the supernatural, paranormal, and/or spiritual stuff that the various religions posit. Metaphysical baggage includes such things as souls, spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, gods, karma, heaven, hell, and so on. However metaphysical baggage isn't solely the property of religion. Various philosophies, disciplines, and cultures have their own metaphysical baggage. I just don't think all of this stuff is necessary for anyone to believe. All of this stuff is usually offered as unprovable explanations for things that we do not understand or did not previously understand.. I haven't really heard a good argument for the existence of any of this baggage. And since I haven't heard an argument for the existence of any of the baggage, I'll just keep using my carry-on bag.

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