Friday, May 27, 2011

Reading Ethics Without God by Kai Nielsen

My past with Ethics Without God by Kai Nielsen has not been a successful one.  I have attempted to read the book a few times since I purchased the book from a Borders in Georgia so many years ago.  I'm not really sure the furthest I've read into the book, but I assume that it wasn't terribly far.  The last time I tried to read it was a couple of years ago.  Well,  I'm attempting to read it  again.  I'm more focused on reading philosophy than I have probably ever been.  I am going to try to accomplish this task in addition to my normal activities.  I want to read at least some of it each morning I don't have to read anything for class.

I will also attempt to write a post on here after I finish with each chapter about the contents of that chapter and what I thought about it.  The book is fairly well written, but it can get a little dry at times.  The ideas seem pretty sound, but I'll have to think about them more and probably reread a couple of pages if I don't understand exactly what he's saying the first time.  This book is about one of my favorite issues in philosophy, so I really want to read it all the way through.

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